One Book Every Month: March Introduction

March Book Club

To begin, a resolution of mine for this year is to “try new things to actively discover truth and document them on this blog.” As part of this goal, Hayley and I have started a monthly book club! This is the second official month of the book club. To see what we read in February, click here.

The Rules:

  • First, it must be easily read within a month
  • Second, it needs to have significance for our personal development
  • Third, it should be uplifting or provoke thoughtful reading
  • Fourth, we must agree on the book
  • Finally, t should be blogged about/discussed at the end of the month

That being said, the book we chose for the month of March is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Fortunately, you can find the book on Amazon by clicking here.

As of now, it’s only the first day of March, so you have plenty of time to join us this month! We thought this book would be great this month because we are both in the process of applying for internships. Also, I think this book will help me on my personal development journey by giving me some tips for communicating with other people more effectively. Please join us, no matter where you are in your journey! It’s always worth investing time in personal development and self-improvement.

We would love to have more people to collaborate with, and this is a great opportunity to help other bloggers grow and join the community! So, please share your input with us! Then, let us know if you’re joining us by commenting on my post. Also, feel free to give us suggestions for next month’s book!


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