New Years Resolutions

I had little intention of setting a resolution this year. By February I generally forget what I decided to do, and if I do remember I’m extremely disappointed in myself for not following through. However, I was reading a book, We’re With You, and a quote caught my attention:

“I believe that our Father in Heaven is pleased with His children when they use their talents and mental faculties to earnestly discover truth.”

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

When I read that, two questions came to mind: How can I earnestly discover truth?, and What talents do I have? I thought these two questions were pretty huge, and would take a long time to figure out. . . And they directly relate to new years resolutions, because trying to actively discover truth through self improvement is what new years resolutions are all about!

That being said, here are the resolutions I came up with:

  1. Try new things to actively discover truth and document them on this blog
  2. Drink more water (64 oz each day)
  3. Exercise (doesn’t need to be every day, but probably 5 days per week on average)
  4. Post once a week to my family history blog: Binding Generations: Family History & Genealogy

As I try new things I will write about my experiences and post them here on this blog. Right now I’m thinking that I’ll write about each personal development book or mental health book I choose to read, a month-long exercise program of my choosing¬†(that will change each month), and weekly reviews of how the goals are going.


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