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I’m almost ashamed to admit how many Netflix TV shows I’ve binge watched. To my defense, I mostly watch them while doing homework… So I think this list really just shows how great of a student I am, right? Ha, here you go everyone, my top 10 Netflix shows:



Limitless: I wasn’t expecting to like this show, and I didn’t . . . I LOVED IT. The main character takes a pill that opens his mind’s full potential. If you like action packed shows with an underdog protagonist, this show is for you. The reason this show stuck is because the protagonist is so real, and a genuinely good person. And extremely entertaining with his art projects.


Grey’s Anatomy: I feel like a fourth of my life has been dedicated to this series. If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, just do it. This show is a little more intense than most of the shows I’ve watched, and you definitely need to start from the beginning. You’ll also cry. A lot.

House M.D: If you’ve read my about page, you’ll know that my husband and I love House! The way he thinks is fascinating (which is what my husband loves) and it has just enough romance to keep me interested too. Definitely a couple’s show, in my opinion. It has something for everyone.


Galavant: Oh man, this show was great. The episodes are really short, so you can get through them fast. I laughed out loud constantly because it’s mostly ridiculous. If you love quirky musicals, handsome men, and lizards, this show is for you.


Jane the Virgin: This show was hilarious. It’s girly and full of roller coaster romances in a telenovela-type genre . You’ll go back and forth between the guys almost as often as Jane does! There’s only two seasons so far, and I’ve been patiently waiting for season three.


Once Upon a Time: This is a series I watch with my husband too. It certainly has its problems, but it’s entertaining. We both love Disney, so this show brings a lot to the table in that way (and Captain Hook is awesome). But, get ready to hate Snow White even more than you already do.


The Office (U.S.): This is by far my favorite show on Netflix! We watch this show (the entire show… all 9 seasons) once a year. It’s just brilliant and hilarious and amazing. Seriously, if you haven’t watched The Office yet, get on it. You’ll fall in love with the characters and their relationships.


Parks and Recreation: Many people think that Parks and Rec is just a worse version of The Office… and I get what they’re saying. However, this show has it’s own weirdness that’s endearing. It’s a little more “over-the-top,” but the romances are fun and silly. And it has Chris Pratt.


Pokemon: Indigo League: My nerd is showing with this one. I’m a HUGE Pokemon fan, and this is the original series that was on when I was a kid. I think I like it even more now. If you’re a Pokemon hater, it’s probably because you’ve never tried to get into it.

New Girl: This is my current Netflix addiction. It’s another one with adorable romances and super quirky characters. It has me laughing out loud as least once an episode. I hope that trend continues! I’m not going to look up a picture for this one, because I don’t want any spoilers.

What do you guys watch? Do you agree with my assessment of these shows? Why or why not?


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    1. New Girl is definitely jumping up in my rankings the more I get into it. Every time Nick and Jess are in the same room my heart is basically sobbing wanting them to get together so bad haha I reeeeeealllyyyy hope they do!

      1. Yeah it’s a medical drama, sort of like house but not as advanced as his team lol. This is more like a general hospital then a specialist ward. It’s great fun tho! And well George Clooney is in it! 😅💋

  1. Love watching house. Does not matter how many times I have watched it. parks and recreation yes…so funny. New Girl i love. So many. I don’t have Netflix here in Australia (we do have it in the country just not me) we have cable TV and all these shows are on it.

  2. My husband and I totally are obsessed with New Girl right now! It’s just so quirky and funny. 😉 Also Once is amazing! I love their twists on the fairytales and Hook is certainly the best haha. I personally love House also, but it freaks my husband out. 😉 I love this list!

    1. Ha! I love that your husband watched New Girl. I could never get mine to do that. He really doesn’t like “girly” stuff. The only way I could get him to watch Once is by saying, “You know, I bet Hercules and Gaston will show up as some point!” Haha!

      1. I like the art style, reminds me of He-Man and other shows from my childhood! It’s definitely not Studio Ghibli/Disney quality, but I like how the stories aren’t “childish”. So in that sense I think it was a bit ahead of its time

  3. I like House M.D. and Grey’s Anatomy too. I haven’t watch Jane the Virgin but now I’m intrigued. ☺ Try Breaking Bad, it’s a geat series too!

      1. Yeah…but it is basically about how a man could transition from being a good man to becoming a “bad” man… it’s really good, you’ll get hooked the longer you watch it! ☺
        Btw, I started watching the New Girl, quite entertaining…I like it a lot! 😊

  4. Great post! I am always looking for something new and different to watch on Netflix. Some of these shows have gone overlooked while browsing but knowing a little more insight I’m interested to check it out especially limitless!

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