March Fitness

It’s the beginning of March, so you know what that means… Time for a new fitness routine! Here are my post from the first two months of 2017, just in case this month’s workout doesn’t do it for ya:

January Fitness

February Fitness

Kickboxing: First Class

Lat month I chose the 30 Day Squat challenge (that I found on Pinterest), which I didn’t end up liking as much as I hoped I would. I had a few problems with my right knee after going to many squats (I had the correct form, but one of my feet naturally turns out so I had all sorts of issues). I also continued doing the 300 Abs challenge, which I’m also discontinuing this month. Hopefully the new challenges I’ve chosen for March will still work on my abs and inner thighs!

Now that I’m back in Utah for the next couple months, I decided that I would take advantage of the fact that I have free access to BYU’s athletic facilities (Go Cougars!). This is great, because one of my favorite forms of exercise is swimming! I usually make up my own workouts when I swim, but I thought it might be nice to shake it up this month and try someone else’s routine. This is another one I found on Pinterest (follow me to see the workouts I save on there, I try to have a lot of variety).

This graphic is very cool, but it’s kind of difficult to read. I’ll write out the routine here in case you all can’t see it very well:

– 100 Warmup

– 2 x 100 Freestyle – 20 Second Rest

– 3 x 50 Freestyle – 15 Second Rest

– 100 Kickboard

– 5 x 50 Freestyle – 30 Seconds Rest

– 10 x 25 Freestyle – 10 Seconds Rest

– 200 Kickboard

– 100 Easy Cool down – Any Stroke

In addition to the swim training, I’m going to attempt the 30 Day Plank Challenge! This one is exciting to me because every time I try planks I really feel sore the next day! I think feeling sore adds to the “epic” factor of exercising and it definitely helps me feel accomplished!

Please feel free to join me this month with swimming and the 30 Day Plank Challenge! If swimming isn’t you’re style, pick a routine from January or February. Keep me updated on how you’re doing, and let me know what helps you stay consistent!

What fitness goals have you guys been working on? If you haven’t been working on anything, now is the time to start!


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  1. Good to know about your new routine, for some reasons i stopped exercise for seven days and started from yesterday and now got your Plank Challenge list, i think it will be better if i start this ….lets see who completes it perfectly at the end of this month..

  2. Oh this is such a good idea! I just started to check out your blog and I love the variety of fitness stuff you do! Any recs for someone who is totally out of shape? lol

    1. Hi Alice! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the fitness content. I would suggest taking a look at my earlier fitness posts, because they offer workouts for beginners that don’t require you to leave your home (or use any equipment!).

  3. Just wanted to stop by, thank you for your support, and let you know that I’ve moved to and you can now subscribe via email! Absolutely love your blog and hope we can keep in contact!

  4. HI, It’s great that you can enjoy swimming! I am a fan of running, rock climbing and the occasional yoga class-would not be able to survive without exercise! Thanks for sharing this post and for checking out my blog!

  5. I did a may fitness month. Stopped eating carbs and lifted. Gained mustle, shed 15 lbs of fat – but even better – improved several random things. skin cleared up, heart burn and IBS symptoms went away, energy increased, libido, and more.

    I appreciate this blog/post because I’m at a point where I need to switch things up and find other stuff to do – to avoid plateau or boredom. I think I’ll start swimming like you suggested – – kick boxing, not sure – need to find somethings to do.

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