Kickboxing. Let’s do this.

I did something today that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I signed up for kickboxing classes. So why did I choose right now to sign up? Well, there was a deal on Groupon, that’s why (and it certainly fits with the personal development theme of this blog). The deal I found includes 10 classes and a pair of gloves for $29.00. A steal, if you ask me!

Since I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, I really want to be prepared for the experience. I’ve given myself about a week before February starts, and I’m hoping that I can integrate kickboxing into my workout routine when January is over.That being said, I found an article that gave me some pointers for getting started and being ready (I’ll just mention the points that I’m going to use):

Set a personal goal. My personal goal for kickboxing is to learn something new and find out what I’m capable of. I expect to be utterly awful at the beginning, but I’m optimistic about learning the proper technique and practicing.

Find the right class and instructor. Well, I’m not sure I have much of an option here… But I’ll certainly explore my options and see what fits best for me! (And I’ll keep all of you updated too, of course.) I also want to make sure I’m going at my own pace and not overdoing it.

Fuel Properly. For me this means drinking enough water. Man, sometimes I wish water wasn’t as important as it is… because I’m not great at drinking it yet! I also need to figure out how to eat healthy. Maybe I should start following more food blogs! Any recommendations?

The article also included an 18 minute workout that doesn’t require any equipment! I’ll be trying that out before I go to the first class as well. I’ve included it here in case you want to try it out too! (The links will take you to YouTube videos.)


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  1. Is it CKO? That’s how I got into CKO, through a Groupon, and let me tell you.. the first 2-3 classes are intimidating. I was like, is this lady trying to kill me?! Haha but it is so much fun and you definitely have to give it a few classes to get used to the swing of things!! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    1. It’s actually with No Limits Gym. Thanks for the heads up for the first few classes, I was definitely wondering that to expect. I’m planning to start going next week (ahh!!), so I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. I used to do Muay Thai as a kid and occasionally I’ll join in classes at my old gym. It is such a good total body workout, never once have I left here feeling anything less than ruined! With a good instructor the techniques will be easily picked up and I’m sure that after the sessions are finished you’ll be hooked and want to push even further!

  3. Great post! I love kickboxing, I use to do it myself before I hurt my ankle!
    A little advice, definitely focus on your form! I slacked on this and ended up hurting myself multiple times!
    I hope you’re enjoying it!

    1. Thanks for the advice, I’ll make sure to learn the proper form. I watched a few YouTube videos before going, and then got some help from a more advanced student when I got there. So far no injuries, and I’m really enjoying it!

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