Kickboxing: First Class

Kickboxing kicked my trash! And it was amazing.

If you missed how I got into kickboxing, check out this post. I signed up not really knowing what to expect, but the atmosphere was really inviting and the people were welcoming. This class was completely full, with beginners mixed in with advanced students. I found that pretty helpful throughout the class, because I could watch the advanced students and learn the proper technique.

img_1625Even though I’ve been working out consistently through January and February, the class was really intense. They encouraged you to go at your own pace, but I tried to keep up with the girl next to me who had been coming to classes for a few months. And believe me, I’m feeling it this morning!

The class started with a fifteen minute run (which I totally wasn’t used to!), and included high-knees and side-shuffles. It was a great warm-up that helped loosen the muscles we used throughout the class (I think we used every single muscle possible, to be honest). After that, we switched between using the punching bag and doing ab exercises. I really loved working on the punching bag, because it was new to me and super fun!

Here was the sequence we used (click the exercise for an instructional YouTube video):

After going through this class, I feel pretty awesome! It was challenging with plenty of room for me to improve, but I also felt powerful. I’m definitely going to continue going. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try for a while, I encourage you to do it. It’ll be worth it.


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  1. I love classes that include punching a bag! The only down side is using loaner gloves. I’m planning on taking the class a few more times before purchasing my own to make sure I commit before I

    1. I totally understand that. I was given a pair of gloves that came with my Groupon, but I can tell they’re cheap haha Some of the exercises they had us do ended up not working as well with the cheap gloves.

    1. The class I did was co-ed, and it actually worked out pretty well. At least in my case, I was so focused on getting my own workout that I didn’t look at anyone else unless I was asking for help. It was a really safe atmosphere.

  2. Kickboxing is great for your fitness. I run a ‘thump’ class and it really hits you hard. Make the most of it, but just one piece of advice don’t try to keep up with anyone else. The days that you’re tired and she’s not, you’ll think you’re doing worse than her. It can be a bit demotivating. When in fact you should only be trying to beat yourself. Keep it up. Ronda Rousey watch your back! 🙂

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