January Fitness

As promised in my first post, I’m going to try a new workout routine each month. I’m a little late posting this first one (ha, hopefully that doesn’t become a trend), but it’s been going well so far!

The routine I’ve chosen for this month is from a free app on my phone called 30 Day Butt Challenge. Classy, I know. But I thought this app was great, because it allows you to pick your skill level. If you’re new to exercising every day, like I am, it’s probably a good idea to start on a lower difficulty level and build up to something tougher.

Not only does this program allow you to pick the difficulty level, it also explains the exercises to you. I thought that was awesome, because I had no idea what a Sumo Squat was, and it saved me a few minutes of googling.


300-absAlong with the monthly program that will switch each month, I’m also challenging myself by completing the 300 Abs routine. This routine will take 300 days to complete if you do it once a day. I found the routine on Pinterest, but I’ve linked the official website here to make sure they receive credit.

So far I really like this routine because it’s super fast, and pretty easy. When I wake up in the morning I don’t feel sore either, everything just feels more toned (which is what I’m going for).

So all of you that have fitness goals for this year, what have you been doing? I’m curious to see what’s working (or not working) for all of you!




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  1. Loving the challenges you’ve found & are pushing yourself to do! I’ve got a plank challenge up on my blog at the moment which is great for beginners :)) just sayin… lol jk jk but you’re definitely welcome to join in! (it’s self-paced too:)) Also, yayy on knowing what a sumo squat is now!

    1. Oh, that’s great! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been looking for a new month long fitness regime to start in February, so that’s definitely a possibility. But planks… man. Those kill me.

  2. I like apps like that. I’ve been getting back into the daily workout routine. I have a little gym in my basement and I’ve been rotating through five Leslie Sansone walking videos which I already owned. Like you, I’m not sore, just feeling more toned. You’re off to a great start!

      1. I only have a Bowflex Thread Climber which we bought used and a TV with a built in DVD player. I have plenty of space to move around to my workout videos. And then of course I have yoga mats, hand weights and an exercise ball. It’s a fun gym because it has a full wall mirror, a drinking fountain and the typical gym style flooring.

        1. Oh wow, yeah, that sounds awesome! Having a water fountain would definitely come in handy. I asked my dad today what the machine in the basement is and he said, “It’s called the total workout.” So. Whatever that means! Haha

  3. Hey good luck to you!! If youre ever needing some motivation or different workouts to switch up to I’ve got a blog dedicated to it! fitgirlfoodgirl.wordpress.com !! Enjoy and remember to always keep pushing yourself! You got it!!

  4. This is awesome. Can’t wait to see what you think of each program you try. That is my issue and why I always get bored and stop going to the gym. I need to mix my workouts up more and keep it fun and not so routine!

  5. I’m making an effort to do 10 minutes every morning with my wife of alternating upper and lower body because we are only able to make it to the gym 1-2 times/week with our schedules. Great post!

      1. My undergraduate degree is in exercise science and I’m currently in physical therapy school so I feel comfortable coming up with exercise routines on my own! However, it can still be difficult to find consistent time to exercise.

        1. Ah, that totally makes sense. That’s way cool. Is there by chance a book you found particularly helpful during your studies? I’d love to read more about exercise routines for different body types.

          1. I would say it is a combination of factors that led me to become comfortable with exercise routines such as various textbooks, blogs, and internships where I have been able to work with fitness professionals. The website T-Nation has some good content about training methods!

  6. I can’t believe you’ve been sticking to this, it seems so intense! I like to use the Lumowell App on my phone to do different kinds of exercises, depending on my target that day i’ll focus on legs, arms, abs etc. Its definitely worth checking out.

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